What to Do When Visiting Tasmania

Tasmania is an often forgotten about gem of Australia, with stunning coastline and many attractions to offer, it is a must-see travel destination. The unique natural beauty and friendly nature of the state makes is a family-friendly and exciting adventure. There is no shortage of attractions or accommodation in Tasmania with so many interesting spots. One example is the exquisite Henry Jones Art Hotel in Hobart which combines modern luxury with an amazing collection of art, along with world-class dining and facilities. Tasmania is a great destination for fun-loving budget families or couples and groups, there is something for everyone to love. Listed below are a variety of Tasmanian attractions that are easily accessible and intriguing to see if you are travelling.

MONA – The Museum of Old & New Art

Back in January 2011, David Walsh launched his project MONA with huge publicity and anticipation from around the world. Every month, thousands of visitors are treated to the distinctive and quirky qualities of this wonderful museum. MONA has attracted numerous visitors who have otherwise not considered visiting Tasmania at all, bringing plenty of tourism and business to Hobart. Luckily the island has a plenty and quality supporting tourism industry that meets the hopes of the artwork loving MONA audiences. Tasmanian restaurants and other service providers have risen to the challenge, giving a new and high level of service than previously. You also don’t need to hold back on fine dining or delicious family meals when there is a local lunch cafe down the road that serves lovely fresh food source from the region. We hope you will find that MONA is greater than sufficient reason to check out Hobart.

Hobart Yachts

Tasmania has a long-standing and wealthy Maritime History and there is a range of ways in which you may enjoy it. You can go for a thrilling joy ride on a seaplane or hop on board a quick ferry to Mona. On the other hand, you’ll have an amazing sailing adventure on a yacht that has topped the charts in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race and got its place in Australian sailing history. 61 ft of luxury awaits, as does outstanding hosting, fantastic wine and food and everything you want to do is create the moment. Custom made cruises to many different exotic places such as Freycinet and Port Davey. Traveling quickly from place to place in both comfort and fashion.

Stop by the Port Arthur Historic Site

The historical monument is an important shrine to Australians which recalls tales of convict struggle and hardship. Worth a quick visit to become cultured in the Australian way and to pay respects.

Walk in Cradle Mountain National Park

Nature lovers will fall for the rugged beauty and uniqueness of Cradle Mountain and surrounding national parks. You will find untouched beaches and peaceful rivers, with its own jungle which totally refreshes the soul. It is a World Heritage Area for a reason and once you see the peaks of cradle mountain you will know why.

Stop by the Tahune Forest Airwalk

The Tasmanian government has really pulled out the cash with this project producing a 600 metre long elevated walkway through the tree-tops in Tahune bordering the South West Wilderness. The walk soars 48 metres from the ground with stunning surround views of forest covered regions. Tasmania is truly encased in rare forests of eucalyptus and other special timbers. Walking above a canopy of trees is an experience you will remember.

See the view from the summit of Mt Wellington

Brave the narrow winding drive that can be blistering cold and windy in the winter time to get the 1270 metre summit of Mt Wellington. Be rewarded with a picturesque 360-degree view and spot the town, Derwent River, Tasman Peninsula and other remote peaks. It is the greatest birds-eye perspective you will see in a while and if the weather permits you can explore the surrounding landscapes.

See Cataract Gorge in Launceston

An easy 20-minute walk from the local town Launceston, Cataract Gorge will help you find your nature-loving side, you can wander through the paths and admire the ferns and walk across the bridge and watch the water rush by underneath. Get some exercise and have a chat as you wind along the easy walks and stairs of the gorge with peaceful water and bird sounds in the background. A tourist hot spot there are plenty of cafes and picnic spots if that is what you are looking for. Perfect for a budget-friendly family day out, there is also a chair lift for the kids to enjoy. A great visit if you want to get outdoors but are not ready to live in a tent or brave the outdoors for too long.